Waste Solutions

In an ever-increasing environmentally conscious society, we need to ensure that we dispose of waste responsibly. Specialty waste such as cigarette butts, needles and soft clinical/medical waste requires responsible and customised disposal methods.

We supply a comprehensive range of professional-grade waste solutions for your business:

Fully Managed Smoker’s Disposal Units

This wall-mounted ashtray is rust-proof and resistant to corrosion so it’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor areas and helps to eliminate litter from places commonly used by smokers. This wall-mounted ashtray features a sleek modern design that looks great and is easy to keep clean from dirt and graffiti.


Cigarette butts litter the footpath, clutter doorways, often burn away in a messy open tray or get washed away into our gutters and pollute the environment. With our smokers’ disposal units the cigarette is placed into the cigarette bin to keep them out of sight and out of the way. We regularly service the units, removing and replacing the internal canister with a completely clean unit.

Fully Managed Sharps Disposal Service


When it comes to sharps, needle sticks, and syringes it is important for all businesses to dispose of them properly to prevent needle-stick injuries on their premises.

Cleanpro’s sturdy sharps disposal solutions can assist you in providing a clean, safe and hygienic environment for your workplace. Our most common requirements are for parks, council areas, public washrooms, restaurants and shopping centres.

The sharps disposal units are available in yellow (for easy identification) or discreet stainless steel.


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