Washroom Cleaning Service

washroom cleaning

Cleanpro offers superior commercial cleaning and janitorial services for your business. Our cleaning systems, standard practices and owner-operator program are all designed to provide highly reliable cleaning services and more.

We work to earn and sustain each customer’s trust and satisfaction with outstanding performance and great people to keep your building in “mint condition”.

Meticulous Restroom Cleaning Services

Restrooms comprise only 5% of the space in a typical building but contain 20% of the dirt and generate 50% of the complaints when it comes to cleaning! For these reasons, Cleanpro practices a meticulous restroom cleaning program, for which each operator is fully trained.

Commercial Cleaning for All Areas

We also have formalised, specific cleaning systems for all other areas of your building, including general/executive offices, conference rooms, break rooms, hallways and other areas.

Why Use a Bathroom Cleaning Service Provider?

Bathroom Services


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