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What is Nappyminder®?
The innovative and high capacity Nappyminder® nappy / diaper disposal unit promotes a hygienic, safe and convenient method for the disposal of nappy / diaper waste in a range of away from home environments.

How does Nappyminder® work?

The Nappyminder® is foot operated for optimal hygiene, with the built in, discreet flap ensuring that disposed waste inside the unit is not visible to the end user.

Nappyminder® has been built with hygiene and service in mind; a removable, hygienic chute protects the inside of the unit in order to minimise the build up of dirt so the Nappyminder® can be easily cleaned and maintained.

Babyminder® Vertical Baby Changing Station


Installing a Babyminder® changing station provides parents with a safe, convenient and hygienic baby changing facility in away from home locations and is now considered to be of equal importance as the provision of other essential facilities.

Features and Benefits


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