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Washroom Paper Dispensers and Paper Product Solutions

Keep your washroom stocked with toilet paper, hand towel paper and other essential washroom supplies and products.

Cleanpro’s toilet paper products cover a wide variety of washroom demands from jumbo rolls for the busiest washrooms, to folded toilet paper for small exclusive washrooms.

Cleanpro’s hand towel paper products make hand drying a pleasant experience whilst minimising towel wastage and helping to improve hygiene. We have a variety of options available.

With Cleanpro paper product solutions we arrange installation of paper dispensers at a time that suits you. Reordering is easy too – simply call Cleanpro Customer Care and they will arrange paper refill items to be delivered directly to your office.

The first truly hands free paper towel system in Australasia, Autotowel is more cost effective than free-flowing dispensers. Autotowel features a controlled-feed delivery system to reduce waste and a touch-free auto-feed mechanism and electronically adjustable paper length to optimise customer requirements.


ABS plastic casing
Four D cell battery operation
Battery life lasts 60-80 rolls
Key locked
Simple 4-screw installation
Side view windows
Stub roll delivery capability

The ultra slim folded towel dispenser is the answer for sites with limited space. The durable ABS plastic gives the unit a strong exterior, and the dispenser has both a quick-release opening system and a lockable function. The unit is designed to hold 264 sheets of ultra-absorbent Through Air Dry (TAD) folded paper towels.


Sleek Compact Design
Standard Colour is white with charcoal trim

Paper Specifications

Ecolabel Certified
24 gsm TAD (Through Air Dry)
Sheet Size: 20.5cm x 26cm
20 Packs x 88 Sheets

iAM by Air sanz; Fragranced Hand Dryers

“iAM” represents a new generation of Air Hand Dryers. Utilising the latest technology and innovations, The iAM hand dryer has an anti-bacterial and fragrance-booster cartridge, plus an air management filter.

Colour Choices Available

S1 Model Powder Coated White
S1 Model Polished Chrome
R1 Model Brushed Stainless Steel
R1 Model Sprayed Metallic Silver

Air Management Filter Features

  • Composite filter materials integrate Anti-Bac, Charcoal and Anti-Fibre Migration filters to entrap and eliminate up to 99.9% of airborne pathogens (including bacteria)
  • Charcoal filter fibre eliminates malodours
  • Anti-Fibre Migration filter entraps and stops fine dust
  • Combines interwoven pleated filter fibres resulting in zero reduction to airflow performance
  • Module slides in and out through a guided fitting assembly without the need for tools and preventing incorrect fitting
  • Filter will last for up to 6 months before replacement

Anti-Bac Booster & Fragrance Cartridge Features

  • 10ml twin bottle design allows for separate Anti-Bac and Fragrance
    dispersants to be added to air delivery system
  • 10 ml bottle lasts up to 3 months before replacement
  • Turbo Anti-Bac Booster filter complements the filtration and delivery system in further ensuring only bacteria free air is dispersed out of the unit out
  • Your choice from numerous fragrance variations
  • Cartridges slide in and out through a guided fitting assembly without the need for tools and preventing incorrect fitting. Similarly, bottles can be replaced easily without the need for tools

Cotton Hand Dispenser is ideal for even the busiest washroom, it is a highly robust and reliable hand drying  roller towelsystem. 

Our dispensers provides hygiene, service and environmental benefits while delivering a ‘comfort like home’ hand drying experience for the end user.

The consumable used with our dispensers is a cotton towel, is a natural biodegradable product making this system a positive choice for the environment. This cabinet delivers 200 portions of clean towel from a standard 130 ft. towel

Benefits of using cotton hand dispensers in the workplace.

  • Environmentally responsible alternative to paper towels as paper must be landfilled or incinerated.
  • The most hygienic hand drying method removes more bacteria from hands than paper or hot air.
  • Employees prefer the feel of cloth compared to paper or hot air
  • Cloth is up to 4 times more absorbent than paper
  • No fire hazard
  • No paper towel litter
  • Maximum Value No solid waste disposal cost
  • Reduces janitorial costs
  • No costly plumbing stoppages due to flushed towels
  • No inventory or capital investment required

Environmentally Friendly

Mechanical operation – no external power source required. Cotton roller towels are one and a half times less harmful to the environment than paper equivalents*

100% recyclable components

* Source ETSA lifecycle analysis study 2007


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