Industrial Cleaning


Industrial – Delivering Unmatched Industrial Cleaning Service and Support to Your Plant or Facility

Cleanpro is the leader in the commercial cleaning industry and stops at nothing to deliver unrivalled cleaning services to the people who matter most in your business.

Cleanliness in a factory might be something that is taken for granted or not a priority worth major focus. But studies show that potential clients consider cleanliness when choosing vendors, not just production capabilities. The cleanliness of a factory is an extension of the overall brand image and should never be ignored.

Cleanpro provides consistent industrial cleaning and janitorial services to large and small facilities with critical needs. From chemical plants where security is a top priority to industrial and manufacturing sites where safety rules, Cleanpro has the cleaning experience, support and track record that you demand and deserve. To ensure safety and security, Cleanpro employees are subjected to background checks based on client requirements and provided additional safety training as needed.

Cleanpro Industrial Cleaning Services provide:

Cleaning Services to Match Your Plant’s Standards

We specialise in providing top quality cleaning services to a variety of industrial complexes:

Cleaning Services for Distribution Centres

To maintain profitability, your product needs to be distributed quickly and accurately. At Cleanpro, we maintain your facility so that you can maintain your schedules. Our commercial cleaning program is customised to fit your needs when you need it.

Cleaning Services for Industrial Complexes

Your facility puts safety at the top of the priority list. We do too. Customised to fit your needs, All Cleanpro employees are required to complete hours of initial and ongoing training to ensure our services result in a safe and clean environment.



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