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mvp soap dispenser

Sanitex® MVP Skin Care and Surface Cleaner Dispenser

The Sanitex® MVP dispensers combine a next generation dispenser design with luxurious soaps, promoting maximum hygiene and leaving hands clean. Durable, sealed cartridges ensure optimum hygiene at all times.

Incorporated into this range is our professional surface care system, designed to significantly reduce the amount of harmful bacteria on surfaces.

Protect Your Business with High Quality Hand Washing and Drying Facilities

Good hand washing and drying facilities speak volumes about a business. We believe that through providing good hand washing facilities you’ll encourage good hygiene standards among your customers and staff, helping to maintain a clean and healthy workplace.

Regular Service Visits

As well as providing the equipment you’ll need, we will also conduct regular service visits to ensure your soaps and paper towels (if using) are well stocked, as well as ensure everything remains in good working order.

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