Flow-Less Reduce Water Consumption

Flawless- water saver tap aerator


Immediate and ongoing water & energy savings for every tap and shower in your workplace.


When you can’t negotiate any cheaper tariffs for your utilities, the only way to reduce your bills is simply to use less of their ‘products’ – if you can remember to, that is!
FlowLess® will reduce the consumption of both water and energy without you or other users ever having to think about it!
FlowLess® -the world’s finest pressure-compensating flow regulators for taps and showers. Once installed, they will reduce costs for at least ten years, while being a very visible reminder to others of your environmental commitment.

What’s so special about FlowLess® for taps is that they deliver the water to the user in a very different way – through twenty small holes rather than one big one, so it feels like much more water than it really is because the pressure is ‘distributed’.

In fact, up to 77% less water but it feels like more! Which means you use much less water over time as well as a lot less energy to heat it!

As much water as needed – but no more than necessary!


Flawless- water saver tap aerator

FlowLess® uses just a fraction of the water without compromising user comfort or appearing to be miserly!

Not only does FlowLess® reduce water consumption – very important in these ‘dry’ times – but it also rewards those who implement them, both financially and with the satisfaction that they are treading a little more lightly on the planet.

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