Managed First Aid Kit Services

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As an employer, it is important you have a well-equipped first aid kit available at all times.


Keeping first aid kits up to date can prove a difficult task. This chore is made increasingly difficult if different materials and equipment are supplied by different sources. Cleanpro offers a full range of First Aid solutions to help consolidate your supply chain. We are one supplier who can provide a managed service for eyewash stations, burn stations and wall mounted first aid kits to suit different sized businesses and different industries.

We can help you comply with legislation and ensure the welfare of your staff through the provision of all the basic medical equipment you need on site. The right first aid kit will depend upon the size of your organisation and the nature of the work your employees are asked to carry out.

Our flexible service means you can customise your first aid kit according to your business requirements or choose from our ready-made first aid kits containing all the basics.

The restocking schedule is tailored to meet the needs of your business: this may range from quarterly visits for large businesses to six monthly or annual visits for smaller businesses.

Restocking Visits Include:

Colour Coded Modules

Each module contains clear and easy to understand first aid instructions and a comprehensive maintenance check list ensuring the workplace kit remains serviceable. In emergency situations the modular system allows the first aider to react quickly and effectively in providing appropriate emergency treatment.

Frequently when First Aid is required there is a level of panic and rush in the situation. This is not conducive to locating suitable First Aid supplies to respond to the emergency, even for a trained workplace First Aid officer.

In the case of a hot water burn, a Burns Module can be easily located and the sealed module opened to reveal only the appropriate supplies to treat a burn. In case of an eye injury, the eyewash station is easily located and accessible.

This system has changed the way First Aid kits are supplied in the industry and Cleanpro is always evolving its modules to give its clients the best opportunity for First Aid success.

Cleanpro Managed Service has Many MORE Advantages:

brn moduleeye wash stations

Through Cleanpro’s Managed Rental Service, you can be sure that your First-Aid Kit is kept in perfect condition 100% of the time.

What makes Cleanpro’s First Aid kits better than the rest?


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