Feminine Hygiene

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Femcare™ MVP Sanitary Disposal System

Stylish. Subtle. Safe.

Our feminine hygiene sanitary disposal service is designed to provide an enhanced washroom experience for female users.

Our units feature a wide-opening modesty tray, safely and hygienically hiding the refuse inside from view. All of our sanitary disposal units contain a deodorant to neutralise bad odours and keep the toilet cubicle smelling fresh.

Containing and disposing of feminine hygiene waste in an environmentally responsible way is a critical and sensitive issue for every organisation. Cleanpro offer a safe, discreet and hygienic sanitary disposal service that can make your female customers, visitors and staff feel comfortable using your facilities.

We use Biosan treatment products which are formulated entirely from natural ingredients such essential oils and other plant extracts. Biosan treatment products are totally biodegradable and safe and yet they also provide the highest levels of efficacy in killing bacteria and controlling odour.

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