Will the changeover to Cleanpro be smooth?
We have years of experience in managing transitions to new office cleaning contracts. Through thorough planning and client liaison we make the changeover a seamless process. We also take care of all applicable legislative matters. The only difference you will notice is the obvious improvement in service and standards.

What are Cleanpro’s hourly rates?
We price all our jobs according to the individual nature of the task, rather than charging by the hour. We also consider any variations (such as equipment and materials used) when calculating the final cost.

Does Cleanpro supply everything required to complete the job?
Yes, we supply all the labour, equipment, machinery and materials required to carry out the job as agreed. We can also supply consumables such as toilet rolls, hand towels, bin liners etc and these would be invoiced according.

How do customers pay Cleanpro?
Commercial customers are invoiced at the end of each calendar month and are given a standard payment term of seven (7) days from invoice date.

Are all Cleanpro staff vetted?
Yes. During our recruitment process, we site identification, proof of address and proof of eligibility to work in Australia. We also undertake a National Police Check and a reference check with a previous employer.

Do all Cleanpro staff receive training and development?
All staff undergo a comprehensive induction at the beginning of their employment which includes familiarisation with Health and Safety considerations and Company policies and procedures. Throughout their employment, all staff receive in-house and on-site training to help them be successful in their roles.

Will we always have the same cleaner?
We always try to maintain continuity by allocating the same cleaner to our clients as we appreciate that this makes our clients feel more comfortable and secure.

Does Cleanpro have high staff turnover?
No. As a result of the way we train, remunerate and treat our staff we find we are able to retain their services for long periods. Most of our staff have been with us since we began operating.

How often does Cleanpro attend?
We can clean daily, once or multiple times a week. The frequency of our service is tailored towards your company’s requirements.

What time does Cleanpro arrive?
The timing of our service is tailored towards your company’s requirements. We can be there in the morning, afternoon or evening.

Is Cleanpro fully insured?
We hold comprehensive insurance cover which includes Public Liability Insurance, Employer’s Liability and also insurance covering loss of keys (for example).

Can Cleanpro provide references?
Yes. Once you have received a formal quotation from us and are considering going ahead, we will be happy to provide you with a list of customer contacts.

Can Cleanpro unlock/lock and alarm the building?
Yes, this is a regular service we offer all our clients. This service can be beneficial for a client as we will carry out our service outside normal working hours avoiding disruption of your staff.

Are we issued a cleaning contract?
Yes, contracts are signed by both parties before we proceed with any work.

Can we contact you outside office hours in case of an emergency?
You will be given a hotline number upon initiation so that we can help you with any emergencies that may arise 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


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