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Cleanpro’s Unique “Contract Cleaner” Opportunity – Our Proven Model for Strong Earnings

Cleanpro's Contract Cleaner Opportunity

Cleanpro’s “Contract Cleaner” opportunity provides you with the chance and rights to develop and enjoy a strong, recession-resistant business.

Our contract cleaners have been able to cover their operating costs in a relatively short period of time, with a high success rate.

We understand it’s your aim to make as much money cleaning as you wish, that’s why where not interested in any costly up front franchising fees.

Cleanpro contract cleaners generate profit from their customers as does Cleanpro. So therefore no customers no fee, that’s our motto.

Profit from the commercial cleaning is earned primarily from monthly service contracts. The service contracts are a recurring business (not a one-time sale!), making this model very scalable and rewarding.

  • A proven model = risk is minimised.
  • A proven way to expand = Our method allows you to grow your business faster. You can focus your energies on generating revenue while Cleanpro supports you with contracts, administration, training and quality control.
  • Your reputation for quality and service will precede you.
  • A proven lifestyle = you can determine how much you work by selecting a franchise plan that will suit your lifestyle.
  • A proven way to “take charge” = your franchise is your business.
  • Never worry about losing your job again.

As a small business when you’re ready to take on more customers, Cleanpro can provide them. The more you grow, the more we “win” together.
“How Do I Know This Is Right for Me?”

Cleanpro Contract Cleaner Profile

Cleanpro Contract Cleaner Profile

Experience has taught us that you will most likely be a great fit for a Cleanpro Contract Cleaner if you have these characteristics:

Business Experience – Executive experience in sales, marketing, finance or operations, preferably with a background managing people. Remember this is a business-to-business model, not business-to-consumer.

Personality Traits – We are looking for candidates who are well organised, disciplined, out-going, energetic, and willing to work hard, especially in the early months or years of the Cleanpro start-up. You need to be comfortable with the fact that this is not a glamorous business although a business model that is very successful.

Financial – Candidates don’t need a minimum net worth to start with Cleanpro or to pay any joining fee. But yet our Cleanpro office is responsible for generating all customer invoices each month, managing debtors and preparing monthly reports for each Cleanpro Contract Cleaner.

The Operations Department provides ongoing technical support and assistance, help with starting accounts and quality assurance and advice on chemicals and equipment.

Our Cleanpro Sales Executives and Telemarketers will ensure you get off to a great start with a guaranteed initial base of clients and nurturing the ongoing development and growth of your business.

Our Primary Responsibilities – Recruit and manage many small Cleaning Contractors. We will secure cleaning contracts from building owners, managers and responsible staff. The Cleanpro system has a strong differentiation from the competition to make this a very marketable program. We also offer a variety of proven advertising and telemarketing programs to facilitate the recruitment of both cleaning franchisees and potential customers.

An Opportunity to Build a Better Future

Cleanpro has developed one of the most appealing, rewarding Contract Cleaner opportunity programs in the business world today.

We built this business from the ground up, so we understand every detail and can answer all your questions.

We are family owned and treat each Cleanpro Contract Cleaner as a valued individual, not a number or an income stream.

The training and support we provide you are truly exceptional.

Cleanpro’s Unique “Contract Cleaner” Opportunity program is growing, and fortunately for you there are still many areas available with outstanding potential for success.

Cleanpro's Unique Contract Cleaner Opportunity

Cleanpro’s Unique “Contract Cleaner” Opportunity Can Be a Great Investment.

Benefits of a Cleanpro Contract Cleaner

A Cleanpro Contract Cleaner in the commercial cleaning industry affords you many benefits, including:

The potential to make a handsome return on little or no investment.

The security of a recession-resistant industry. In order to maintain a productive working environment and to project a professional image, offices have to be regularly cleaned.

Due to the high cost of hiring, training, and administering internal cleaning employees, it is more cost-effective for most businesses to outsource this very necessary service.

Importantly, it is a business with an affordable initial investment, a professional working environment, and reasonable hours of operation. All these reasons make an investment in the commercial cleaning industry a sound decision.

Why Cleanpro

Why Cleanpro?

Cleanpro has developed a better business model, that keeps your money in your pocket. You clean and we will do the rest. We will be responsible for generating business, through sales executives and telemarketers, provide customer invoices each month, manage debtors and prepare monthly reports for each of our Cleanpro Contract Cleaners.

A Better Business Model for You and Your Customers:

Our systems and procedures allow us to provide more responsive, more consistent and more reliable service to our cleaning clients.

Business owners choose Cleanpro because we provide them the cleaning services they want, exactly the way they want them performed.

The results are higher closing ratios for new cleaning accounts, higher retention of cleaning clients, a more efficient business and higher revenues for us both.

A Better Business Model for You and Your Cleaning Franchisees:

We have a superior approach to recruiting therefore the contract cleaners provide nothing but the best cleaning services to our clients.

Our Contract Cleaners are more motivated, better trained, and more competent, resulting in better service to our clients, higher retention of business and again, a more efficient and profitable business for you.

Only Cleanpro Contract Cleaners have the use of these proven operating systems, which have been developed, tested, and refined.

Why Cleanpro’s Unique “Contract Cleaner” Opportunity?

Through Cleanpro’s Unique “Contract Cleaner” program:

You will be granted an area in which to operate your business. Within this territory, we will assist in selling commercial cleaning contracts to clients, train and service Cleanpro’s much loved customers.

What Is Cleanpro’s Support Program?

What Is Cleanpro’s Support Program?

We have developed an all-inclusive support program to assist all Cleanpro’s Contract Cleaners in opening and running their businesses efficiently and profitably, including guidance in the following areas:

Marketing Campaigns: Cleanpro has developed cost-effective marketing campaigns that work to help us attract commercial cleaning clients.

Training: Experienced personnel will come to your location for up to five more days of training. In addition, you will also receive ample opportunities for on-going training.

Client Relations: We will teach you our proven methods for quality assurance and client relations to keep your cleaning clients satisfied and paying for your services.

Equipment & Supplies: As we buy in bulk we are able to provide you with the correct office cleaning supplies at competitive prices delivered to your preferred location.

Strategic Planning Meetings: Periodically, we conduct meetings for the benefit of all ‘Cleanpro’s Contract Cleaners, so we can share ideas, introduce new equipment, procedures, and marketing techniques, and discuss issues of interest to the Cleanpro family of owners.

Sales Training and Assistance: We have developed sales systems for both commercial cleaning accounts. We will teach you our secrets for sales success in these areas.

Organised Procedures: Proper management is a cornerstone of the success of any business. Our well-organised procedures will allow you to manage your administrative, financial, human, and marketing resources with minimum of effort.

Field Support: Cleanpro’s thoroughly knowledgeable Field Representatives will pay regular visits to your location. They will work with you as your own business consultants to help you operate to the best of your ability.

Research & Development: Cleanpro has developed systems to continuously improve our approaches and procedures in all aspects of business operations. This devotion to excellence keeps us ahead of the competition.

Start Your Own Business: Cleanpro Makes It Easy!

Start your Own Business– in the dynamic commercial cleaning industry and build a better future for yourself and your family! Enjoy more financial independence and unlimited income opportunities.

Very affordable – Cleanpro offers you one of the most affordable businesses in Australia. For a minimal investment, you can be a Cleanpro Contract Cleaner.

A Steady-Growing Business – Commercial cleaning is a multimillion dollar industry and growing. Our program is so strong, we have experienced a increase in the number of contract cleaners working alongside Cleanpro. We’ll help you get started and we’ll help you keep going.

Work From Home, Be Your Own Boss

Are you tired of working for somebody else? Would you like to earn additional money part- time or full-time? Cleanpro gives you the options.

Here’s What You’ll Get as a Cleanpro “Contract Cleaner”:

Thorough training: based on our many years of experience in the commercial cleaning industry, we show you how to use the latest cleaning technology to save you time and money. We also offer training in other ways to increase your profits, such, hiring and training personnel, and obtaining new customer accounts.

Customers for your business. We are constantly marketing to get new customers, so we need new contract cleaners to handle our growing business. If you lose a cleaning account through no fault of your own, we will replace it through our Account Replacement Program. (This is a great advantage that many competitors do not offer.)

Flexibility – To a large extent, you can set your own hours and the amount of time you devote each week to your business. You can work part-time or full-time as a contract cleaner, depending on your situation and what you want to do. Work out of your home without the expense of office rent or a storefront.

Accounting – Cleanpro handles both the billings and collections from your cleaning customers, so you don’t have to worry about getting paid for your work. Insurance – We will purchase and administer the majority of your business-related insurance policies, unless you prefer to handle them yourself.

Equipment and supplies – We’ll get your business started using state-of-the-art equipment and supplies. We provide each franchisee with clear instructions on the use of these products for maximum results. We also provide an easy source for you to get additional supplies and equipment you may want or need.

Ready to Start Your Own Business or Learn More?

As a small business when you’re ready to take on more customers, Cleanpro can provide them. The more you grow, the more we “win” together.

The three-way relationship between you, the customers, and Cleanpro means you’re never alone in the “cold cruel world” but always have experienced and caring professionals to help you out.

Once you get basic office cleaning under your belt, we can also train and certify you in more additional profit centres.

Most of our contract cleaners work from home, so you have no rent, no advertising, no sales expense, and very little inventory. You enjoy a business with very low overhead. We keep it simple, and you benefit.

The Cleanpro Advantage

Cleanpro wants you to succeed, and we will treat you right. Some other large franchise companies that compete with Cleanpro, enroll and terminate hundreds or thousands of franchise owners each year. At Cleanpro you are important to us.

Our “Success” Depends on Your “Success”.
We don’t try to be the lowest cost provider, but stress dependable quality at a fair price. The higher the fee for the cleaning contract, the more money you make.

We use the latest cleaning equipment and technology, helping you work smarter and faster, so you can make more dollars per hour. We provide on-going assistance and support to help you make your new business – your own business – as successful as you want it to be.


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