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The success of your business goes beyond numbers and sales; sometimes, it’s the little things that can make or break your reputation. This is especially true when it comes to workplace cleanliness.

CleanPro provides commercial cleaning in Perth to help businesses maintain a safe and hygienic work environment for employees and customers. We use the latest hygiene tools and cleaning technology to provide the best service for your business. Whether you’re working in a large industrial facility or a small corporate office, our team has you covered.

Implementing the Best Practices for Workplace Cleanliness

As a professional cleaning company, we promote the best practices for workplace safety and cleanliness. We send our team to your location to conduct cleaning audits and maintain high standards for our cleaning services. We arrange schedules for the efficient transfer of our cleaners in Perth, while setting up the appropriate cleaning equipment for your office.

Offering Flexible Solutions

Flexibility sets us apart from other cleaning companies. We tailor our janitorial services and cleaning programs to provide the best results and meet the demands of clients. We react quickly to changes of schedules and keep clients updated on the progress of their cleaning contract.

Providing Support from Fully Trained Cleaners

Our cleaners in Perth receive full training and induction before we assign them to a site. We brief our team about workplace rules, procedures, and proper decorum to deliver a professional and reliable cleaning service. We also conduct assessments and employ a hands-on management approach to exceed expectations and provide organised building maintenance service for your business.

CleanPro sets the standards when it comes to business cleaning and building maintenance. Get in touch with our team for more information about our services.


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